Behind the artist

maud boesen

The great desire to paint and finding new ways of expression is the main drive of creating new artworks. To challenge the canwas in a new way, using new methodes and exploring new tekniques -Thats what keeps art interesting. You set the limit!

Maud Boesen is a self taught artist, born in 1981 in a small city on the west coast of Denmark.

At a young age Maud began drawing and she has continued to experiment with her creativity, partly inspired by her mom and uncle who were both living out their creativity within painting, drawing and as photographer and musicians. Maud has tried most painting techniques but has found that she best expresses her artistic emotions through acrylic and oil painting. Her style is semi-abstract, where you can see some figurative lines in the paintings. After high school the painting become more than just a hobby for Maud. A local gallery soon began to house her paintings and her career as a professional artist to off. When Maud and her husband moved into a house she set up her own studio from where Maud began to work on a variety of projects like decoration of a dormitory, displays on furniture houses, hotels, firms, and showrooms.



Moved to Shanghai

Maud began specializing in creating artistic solutions for homes and offices where by she performs a customer profile to incorporate the client requirements and desires capturing the ultimate visual experience and style, that suits the clients atmospheric moods. In 2007 Maud moved to Shanghai with her family where she decided to use her artistic skills combined with her new surroundings in China for inspiration. In 2008 she opened her own gallery in her hometown of Esbjerg together with a friend, who was managing the company. In 2009 She decided to spend more time on her painting career in Shanghai and with two solo exhibitions and a lot of home exhibitions and charity work a good career was started in Asia.


Painting Style

Maud’s Painting Style – In brief her unique style is based on her emotional creativity, her natural appreciation for color combinations and expressing depth and contrast using tonal values. She enjoys playing with light and dark and warm or cold color combinations. Maud often expressing the illusion of an object rather than a realistic impression, her concentration is mainly on line, shape and the best colors and techniques with which to express these creating a sense of serene balance. Maud’s technique expressed using acrylic and oils on canvas, paper art, sand modeling and collage. Her innate artistic curiosity keeps her experimenting with new painting techniques and color compositions which have maintained her great desire to paint.